Sagittal Balance Espinopélvico impact on Kyphoscoliosis thoracolumbar or lumbar and/or kyphosis: analysis o fase series of cases.

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 Gomez N. 1, Krivoy J. 2, Avila A. 3,  Damas A. 4




            Proper restoration of vertebral sagittal imbalance and the selection of the surgical technique in rigid deformities of the spine today are necessary to achieve better clinical outcomes pillar. To evaluate the overall sagittal axis and correlate the parameters espinopelvicos patients who underwent surgery with kyphoscoliosis and / or kyphosis. A retrospective study of 16 cases from January 2011 to December 2014. In 7 (44%) patients underwent spondylectomy and in 9 (33%) pedicle subtraction. Preoperative Cobb angle of 79 ° kyphoscoliosis, with an average percentage of correction in the coronal plane and 57% in the sagittal plane of 32% was observed. Comparing the angular parameters showed improvement sagittal negative unbalance, with a plumb line C7 with a displacement of 12.6 mm posterior to the upper rear corner of S1. Global sagittal axis increased with a decrease in retroversion of the pelvis and increased knee flexion. The lumbar lordosis showed a loss of 12 correction and correspondence with pelvic incidence of 37 °. Complications in 11 patients, LCR fistula, nonunion, with blood loss of 700 ml, surgical time of 8 hours, and 70% occurred fusion. In patients with vertebral deformities in sagittal and coronal plane, the ideal realignment of global sagittal axis and surgery play a key role in the preoperative to avoid future complications.

Key Words:Balance espinopélvico sagittal, kyphoscoliosis, kyphosis, spondylectomy, pedicle subtraction.




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