Cerebral Tuberculoma: Case report.

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Vidaurreta J.1, Ugarte M.1, Jiménez T.2, Gómez E. 3, Gamiño I.4.




            Tuberculosis is a global disease; in some cases, it could be the extrapulmonar form that affects the Central Nervous System (CNS) in the 10% of cases. Tuberculoma represents the 30% of cases and rarely give specific symptoms of the disease.

We present a case of a 32-year-old female patient who started her current condition with an intense frontal pulsating headache and generalized clonic-tonic seizures. It is managed with anticonvulsants and she was send to a third level of care where gave her the diagnostic of glioma, her surgery was schedule, but it was differed because the high levels of serum glucose were found due to prednisone. She was sent then to a second level hospital to receive attention for hyperglycemia control, after that she requests her voluntary hospital discharge, no follow up or medical control were performed and the patient is admitted to our institution where again we did new image studies, in which we observed a lesion with ring enhancement, perilesional edema and mass effect. Patient was operated by left frontoparietal craniotomy and total resection of the lesion. Adequate post-surgical outcome, the histopathological diagnosis of cerebral tuberculoma was established, we started antifimic management. Currently the patient is neurologically intact with adequate evolution (9 months of evolution). The diagnosis of cerebral tuberculoma continues to be a challenge. We consider that surgery continues to be a diagnostic tool and therapeutic method in these cases.


Key Words:Tuberculosis, tuberculoma




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