Treatment of hyperhidrosis and complex regional pain syndrome by sympathectomy: Experience of 42 patients with revision of the endoscopic surgical techniques used

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Masini M.1, Reyes S.2, RoldãoI.1,  Marques R.1




   Hyperhidrosis is defined as excessive sweating. Complex regional pain syndrome is a multisystemic condition characterized by intense burning pain, inflammation and stiffness. Both cases are consequent dysfunction of the sympathetic nervous system. We analyzed retrospectively the records of 42 patients undergoing sympathectomy for one or the other cause. The analysis encompassed the techniques, complications and results. We conclude that sympathectomy performed by minimally invasive technique can be successfully used in very well selected cases.


Key Words:Hyperhidrosis, regional pain syndrome, sympathectomy



  1. Escuela de Medicina, Faciplac, Brasília, Brasil; 2Hospital Daher Lago Sul y Clinica Quéops Millennium, Brasília, Brasil.
  2. Departamento de neurocirugía, Central Hospital de Maracay, Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela