Pio del Río Hortega, his legacy in Latin America

Solapas principales

Sosa P.1, Dujovny M.2, Cremaschi F.1, Onyekachi I.2, Sockwell N.2



Pio del Rio Hortega developed an extensive scientific career focused on histology and histopathology of the nervous system. He was a disciple of the Cajalina school and was internationally recognized for his outstanding work and discoveries. He toured many countries around the world, but few captured as much attention as Argentina. In this country he lived and developed most of his work until his death. His years in Argentina allowed a countless of Latin American professionals be enriched with the knowledge he unselfishly gave them, making important contributions to Latin American and the whole world neuropathology.

Keywords: History, Pio del Río Ortega, neuropathology, neurosurgery, brain, tumor.


  1. Departamento de Neurociencias, Neurología Clínica y Quirúrgica, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.
  2. Departamento de Neurocirugía, Wayne State University, Michigan, 48202, USA.