Neuronavigation in brain tumors: cost-effectiveness

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Chong C. 1




   The Neuronavigation could be defined as a computer system that allows to see and follow on the computer screen the position and orientation of each of the processes (steps) that the neurosurgeon performs during the neurosurgical procedure. Among the fundamental objectives of neuron navigation that would support its use would be that it helps in planning and provides precision in access to injuries, while simultaneously avoiding eloquent areas. Another factor is that it can give additional guidance in the management of subcortical lesions, and can further reduce exposure to brain lesions (minimal craniotomies). The counterpart is that if these objectives were met it could be considered that the cost of the same would be justified by the benefit that it represents in the patient.

In the present study we carried out a literature review concerning the subject in pubmed, google doctor and our experience in 178 surgical procedures performed with Neuronavegador in Hospital Solca Guayaquil from August 2014 to May 2017 the following conclusions could be obtained: 1) The neuronavigation is a High-tech tool allows surgical approach by increasing its accuracy from the skin to the target lesion. 2) It allows real-time anatomical and imaging approach being a comparative advantage to obtain good surgical results. 3) Although it can increase the surgical time initially, in the learning curve can significantly shorten the time. The same one that is compensated when it arrives to injury of direct and safe form. 4) The Neuronavigation in a health organization may represent an initial investment, but the return would be justified by the neurosurgeon's precision, safety and accuracy. The economic return may be shortened since there is a tendency to be used in multiple pathologies in a Neurosurgery Service. 4) Future studies that could increase the casuistry and the evaluation in time of this neurosurgical tool that would expand these conclusions. For all of the above, we strongly recommend the use of the Neuronavigation in different neurosurgical pathologies.

Key Words: Brain tumor, neuronavigation, cost-effectiveness; quality.




  1.  Neurocirujano Hospital Alcívar y Solca, Guayaquil, Ecuador.